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Data labeling is considered a vital step in a supervised machine learning task as it strives to give eyes to machines.

"A machine learning model learns in a similar way to a child. If you show a child a potato and classify it as a tomato, the next time the child sees a potato, he is likely to think of it as a tomato."

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ManSys specializes in making artificial intelligence work in the real world. Founded in 2009 with an aim to help customers solve their day-to-day data needs with high-quality solutions. Till 2015, we were focused on data mining and subsequently ventured into media and data annotations since then.

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Image Annotation

As the name suggests, image annotation is a task of annotating an image with labels. AI engineers predetermine the labels which give the computer vision model adequate information about the image. To create an annotated image, you will need: . Images . Artificial intelligence engineer . A platform where the image is annotated.

Video Annotation

Have you heard about video annotation? Video annotation provides a visual perception to autonomous vehicles, making it easy to recognize various objects like signboards, pedestrians, signals, street lights, cyclists, and other vehicles on the road.Mansys is an expert labeling videos using AI techniques to capture each object frame-by-frame. Video annotation tools help self-driving cars work in a hassle-free manner.


2D Bounding Boxes

2D bounding boxes require the annotator to draw a box around the object of interest they want to annotate. 2D bounding boxes are used in machine learning to make the object recognizable and predictable in real-life.2D bounding boxes makes it easier to detect and localize objects in images and videos. We are your one-stop image annotation solution providers with 2D bounding box annotation. Get in touch today to learn more!



For self-driving cars to navigate the road obstacles, it is vital to train them to perceive real-world objects for what they actually are. The 2D images and videos collected by the sensory cameras must annotate into a 3D cuboid training data, further used by the self-driving cars to become more intelligent.3D cuboid annotation services help self-driving cars detect other moving objects and make driving a hassle-free experience.3D cuboid annotation services are the future of autonomous vehicles!



Do you believe that objects are always in a rectangle shape? Well, the answer is NO! Polygon segmentation is a type of data annotation where instead of rectangles, complex polygons are used to define the shape and location of the object.Polygon segmentation is suitable for object detection including different poses of humans, logos, drawing images, and other objects of interest with precise accuracy.Detecting irregular spaces is now easier.


Semantic Segmentation

Semantic segments label each pixel of the chosen image with a corresponding class of what is being represented. This is also sometimes called a dense prediction because every pixel in the image is being predicted. Semantic segmentation is used for:. Autonomous vehicles . Medical image diagnostics . Industrial inspection . Classification of territory visible in satellite imagery.


3D Point Cloud Annotation

3D point cloud annotation allows you to label each object with the highest accuracy. With the capability to detect objects up to 1 cm with 3D boxes, 3D point cloud annotation is often used for autonomous vehicles to identify objects in their vicinity.3D point cloud annotation also helps detect the object’s motion in a video. Get the highest quality services with the highest accuracy levels only at MANSYS.

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